Most Promising Web Design Trends in 2016

2016 Web Designing trends are coming in and here are some that are perceived by web designers as most promising.

Materials design

trends_2016Web designers are looking at this new trend as an alternative for flat design that some years ago became one of anticipated designing trends. In material design, there is the return of some of the nicest graphical elements and is set on Google’s design standard missing out or restacking elements as needed. In most cases, using material design is best with image editing software and the built-in animations takes away of doing it manually. Google is responsible for its establishment so expectation is great that it will gain popular support from web designers. One downside is since it is set on following a standard guideline, creativity may suffer.

Improved and better typography

Typography design using serifs and handwriting is enough for this trend to catch attention. Serifs help improve legibility with screen size and resolutions getting larger. Layouts are cleaner and accessibility is better to more elegant fonts. At the other end, handwriting is for getting website more personal and for giving websites some special touches. Improved and better typography designing just come in handy when users are into consuming more contents on their mobile devices. One downside is that it is not applicable to lower end devices that have lower resolutions. Web designers opting to use this design must take in consideration the screen size and resolutions.

Mobile website design

Navigation forms, images, and mobile specific features like GPS are the focus on mobile website design since images have been used for effects and text, and in reducing page-loading time and server loading. Mobile website design takes in the touch events such as taps and swipes and this means taking in larger buttons and fields to adapt screen type and finger size.

Less text, more images

As consumers are more into looking more at pictures and videos, SEO is now into doing some balancing act. With Search engines always looking for text for indexing, this web design is relegating text-rich content to sub pages and the homepage is exclusive for image-rich content. The rule here for web designers to target first the users and then the search engines. With this trend, there is need for higher quality images.

Card design

Card design is taking over the tile-based design, which seems to have deeper level of functionality and interactivity. It is a promising designing trend with its hover effects, flipping over, and expansion. It is one design that allows content to be easy to see at a glance. It’s a good design if you’re creating grid layouts and there is a need to minimize contents.

Dynamic storytelling web designing

This designing involves high level of graphic skills, and that users should use caution and great skill in order to do it right and produce great websites.  It requires good storyboarding which means designers are adept with website’s image and vision and has the ability to pass through the message. Using this design requires a balance between graphics and texts to avoid unfocused or overwhelming websites.

2016 is promising better days for web designing and these trends might make the promise come true in the soonest time possible.

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