The Wedding Video Magic

It takes a lot of effort to make the most dramatic, eye-catching wedding film to commemorate this special milestone in your life. In fact, it goes beyond the skill of your wedding video expert in shooting the scenes and your cinematographer in editing the captured moments. It also has a lot to do with how you project yourself in front of the camera.

It takes some getting used to


We know, prior to your wedding day, you have not had a stint acting or posing for the camera. That’s unless, of course, your profession is modelling or as a TV and movie talent. That means, there are some adjustments you have to make, some getting used to that will help you become comfortable during the filming of your wedding video.

For this, you might require some practice. Most videographers would schedule a pre-wedding shoot, which may also double up as a getting-to-know-you stage for both parties. This is a great opportunity for you to start feeling comfortable with your video expert and getting some ideas on how you should project in front of his camera for an excellent wedding video outcome.

It is important that you keep yourself reminded that good rapport with your camera pro can go a long way. So, even if you are hiring a professional and not a friend to do it, you will make an effort to be comfortable when he’s around, especially when he is behind the lens.

Preplanning is key

It is also quite important to note that the outcome of your videographer’s work will depend on how well you are able to plan ahead. Prior to your wedding day, sit with your chosen professional cameraman and discuss with him the results that you wanted. This way, your video professional will be able to tell if he can meet your expectations or not. By telling what you want right on, preparations can be made in terms of lighting, positioning, and guest management so everything will be in order come your wedding day.

Even if you are able to book the best cinematographer in Sydney, you cannot expect the best results unless you get out of your way to contribute some inputs. Establish trust between you and the filming team and prepare for what you need to do from your part. By doing those, you will be able to lessen the stresses and pressures that might hamper your happiness on that wonderful day.

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